Friday, July 23, 2010

And so it begins...

Perhaps it was the fact that it was the tail end of fourteen hours on the road -- straight. Perhaps it was the fact that he was giddy from sleep deprivation and dehydration wrought by a nasty bout of food poisoning. Perhaps it was the fact that we had just watched Julie & Julia a mere two nights before, and he was inspired by the story of one woman's blog becoming an international sensation and inspiring lucrative book deals and high-grossing films. At any rate, this amazing confluence of circumstances in my husband's mind led him to turn to me in the noisy cab of our rented moving truck last night and say, "Hey! Maybe you should write a blog about your experiences while you're working on your PhD!"

I p-shawed heartily at the suggestion. I've long been remiss in committing my emotions and experiences to posterity -- mainly because they're not very exciting. I kept painstakingly detailed journals throughout most of my teen years, but more or less stopped once I got married. A recent examination of these relics of my adolescence revealed that I seemed, at the time, to have a preternatural fascination with drama class, my never-quite-resolved crush on Jim Carrey, and things my little brother did to annoy me. What could I possibly have to say now to compare with such scintillating reading?

After the initial p-shawing passed, I began to realize that the idea might have merit after all. I resolved to attempt to keep a blog documenting my time here in Arizona for a few reasons which I find terribly important, and I hope you will agree.

1) To force myself to think intently about what experiences I have here and their relationship to the larger experience. i.e. What is blog-worthy and what isn't in this context? For instance, if the option to blog comes up at the end of the day, will I write about the interesting teaching experience or research revelation, the disappointing lunchtime chalupa, or both? (I have the sneaking suspicion, however, that most of the initial posts will detail varied levels of "freak-out"-itude relating to the inevitable culture shock I am already beginning to experience).

2) To create a space wherein my friends and family can keep updated about my experiences here if they're interested, and a place in which I can say mean things about them if they're not.

3) To create documentation of what will be, undoubtedly, a very important time in my life.

I am currently taking title suggestions, by the way. The current one is awful, I know -- but "The Bob Loblaw Law Blog" was already taken. Sheesh.

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